Tuesday, October 9

Awesome Rogue pickpocket spot

Here is another cool trick courtesy of mopguru.com. Check them out. They have a 60 day back money back guarantee if you don't like them!

Found this spot earlier, I must stress you need to be a level 90 rogue and are on the quest Barring Entry - 

Basically walk up in stealth past all the elites and stand in the cave pick pocketing them as they spawn, they spawn fast in packs of 6 or something and you just click through them press pick pocket and repeat. I did this for 25 minutes and got around 700g and some pots from the junk boxes, but the junk boxes have a chance to drop iLVL 376 BoE epic dagger/sword which as I understand are only contained within Vine-Cracked Junkbox 


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