Thursday, October 11

Double plant crops when Tillers Farming

This is a little helpful trick for those of you doing the Tillers farming. It allows you to plant 2 crops on the same spot of soil. I ran a search for "tiller double plant" and didn't find anything, although I'm sure I'm not the first to discover this so just let me know if this is a repost.

  1. Obtain the Dented Shovel (used for uprooting crops)
  2. Obtain a stack of seeds which correspond to the crop you want to double plant. (I used Juicycrunch Carrots)
  3. Plant a normal crop.
  4. Uproot it with the shovel, now the soil should be "Untilled".
  5. Spam click on the Untilled soil, you should cast it twice (one right after the first cast).
  6. Target the soil and plant your seed, you now have a small window of opportunity.
  7. For a couple of seconds you will see your growing crop, although there will be an untilled soil on the same spot, target this as fast as you can.
  8. Final Step) Quickly click on the seed stack again and BAM!
You now have 2 crops on the same patch, so far this has only been tested with Juicycrunch Carrots although I don't see why it shouldn't work with anything else.

Notes: This seems to work better if you get a vine or something similar on the first crop you plant, as it makes targeting the second soil patch easier.

The reason I posted this in Elite is due to the potential that it contains regarding material farming.

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