You can do this anywhere from level 70-89. Not level 90 unfortunately  But you can still get your account achie's + level it up for elite.

Firstly I will just tell you why this has happened before I tell you how you do it.

There was a exploit not so long ago, where twinks could join BG's while being in untwinked BG's.
So Blizzard fixed this, little did they know they also fucked something up.

When you queue for arena with your exp turned off(Twinked) and you get the arena pop up asking you to enter, you will go and then about 2 seconds later you will be removed and it will say "You are not in a raid group".

So what I did on my 70 twink was turn exp on and did arena with my partner who also had it turned on and when you queue you will stay in, and once the counter reaches 0 you will automatically win, although there is a catch. If your opponents have there exp on you will have to fight them. But I did this for about 7 games in a row and won all from the opponents automatically getting removed.

So yes, its not a garenteed 100% 2.2k rating.. But it sure does help
I have only tested 70 twinking, not sure what 80 or 85 would be like 

How to turn off exp  

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