Monday, October 8

Great mote/treasure chest farming for tank classes (pref paladin)

During the august celestial dailies you can get one that sends you to temple of the jade serpent. One of these tells you to kill some sha right outside the instance portal. Now just place yourself outside of the portal, and kill all the mobs as they jump out. They have a 30 sec re-pop timer and don't have too much hp. There are quite a lot of them and from my testing it with some friends it seems like only tank classes can keep this going for very long. If you use your potion of luck you'll receive roughly 2 chests per minute and an awful lot of motes. 

  1. Get revered with golden lotus.
  2. Pick up the august celestial daily and hope that it's the one taking you to the temple of the jade serpent. You may need to pick the new dailies up from the hub it takes you.
  3. Stand right outside the instance portal to said temple.
  4. Put down consecration (I used the glyph that allows me to put it where I want)
  5. Kill mobs all day.

It usually starts of slowly with 3~4 mobs at a time, but as vengeance builds up they'll soon spawn at more or less the same time.

As said, the incoming damage is pretty high when you've got 20ish mobs on you, but with a protection paladin seal of insight and lots of hammer of the righteous I did it fine, sometimes I spiked and had to pop some cool downs though. Worth noting is that I have pretty bad gear (ilvl 451) and this gets lots easier with gear. I'm not 100% certain the other tanks cant do this in blues, my guardian druid friend had trouble with the incoming damage.

In 1½ hour I manage to get 16 spirits of harmony, 1½ stack of white trillium ore and about the same amount of black trillium ore. I think I was pretty lucky on that one and I seem to average about 13 spirits.

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