Monday, October 8

5000 gold/ hour trick

Here is a cool trick courtesy of Check them out. They have a 60 day back money back guarantee if you don't like them!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Three people, one of them HAS to be a WARLOCK, and one has to have some kind of portable vendor, like the big mamoth with vendors on it

Here is the location where you will be, there are other places! But this is the one i used.
Find this place

And there should be a hammer lying on the ground

This hammer you can loot (you can't see it because i have allready looted it) and it's worth 100gold.
The hammer is only lootable once per player, but what you can do is make a new char summoun it with your warlock (summouning portal) pick it up, sell it to the vendor then give the gold to one of your friends

Rinse and repeat.

This gives 100gold per time, it takes around 1 min to do it once, so you get around 5-6k gold per hour.

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