Monday, October 29

How to backup your entire account including mounts.

This is mainly used just in case you ever get hit with a ban hammer and don't want to start over, this will dupe your entire account with the exception of pets.
  • Step 1: Make a new all the same information as the original account and enabled every expansion on it. 
  • Step 2: Transfer off the main character from the original account (The one with the most achievements) if you have achievements split between characters you will need to transfer every single character over.
  • Step 3: Once the transfer is complete log onto the new and log into every toon to enabled all the achievements on that specific
  • Step 4: Now create a $5 battlechest on the original account login to any level 1 on any server. 
  • Step 5: Call Blizzard and tell them you created a brand new battlechest for RAF on the wrong and you would like to moved from the original account to the new

Now all your achievements, and mounts are secure on BOTH battle.nets, this can be done over and over, but if you dupe it too many times the risk goes from something like 1% to 90% of getting banned. I've done this to some of the most rarest accounts active today so I can confirm it working as well as yourself.

Tip - To save yourself money and the 3 day wait period on transfers, call Blizzard once more and tell them you used the wrong CC to make the transfers and you would like them reversed. The characters will appear instantly on the original and both battle.nets will have all Mounts / Achievements (Pets only work sometimes)

On a related note - I'm paying top dollar to people who have 14K+ Achievement account with at least 1 realm first (Non LoD) and US only to make a dupe for me (I must make the dupe for security reasons) I can pay up to $1000 (Not saying I would pay that much for your account, it all depends on what it has)

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