Sunday, October 28

Epic Timing

This picture was mailed to us this week. You can really feel the sense of urgency in his comment.

Weird, I was an a group the other day and someone said the same thing ( brb dog pooping on the floor). Is this like the new "brb cat on fire"? I had a friend who didn't like to raid when he wasn't feeling like it, here are a few of his AFK excuses:

  • Brb, the FBI is here to interrogate my parrot.
  • Brb, I need to shave my cat.
  • Brb, my cat is stuck in the fridge/freezer again. (This one is actually true. It would run in as the door was closing and meow)
  • Brb, my parrot just ate my cat.
  • Brb, my cat has started a cult.
I was doing a 5 man during BC with two guildmates and two randoms, one we quickly discovered was quite the asshole. Instead of just booting him outright, which may have created some sort of bad blood between guilds, our party leader instead yelled "brb fire alarm going off" and booted the player.

The random eventually sent a tell to our party leader explaining how he was a fire fighter and understood how those things can happen and was perfectly okay with the situation.

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