Sunday, October 28

Warlock Trick

We found pretty useful thing with warlocks which allows you to stand in air while casting. I mostly use it to kill people when they are on flying mounts. (afk buster).

I think this trick has lots of possibilities so use your imagination. If it would not work try to change spec back and forth.

  1. You need glyph: Eye of Kilrogg.
  2. Talent: Kil'jaeden's Cunning
  3. Use Eye of Kilrogg and place an demonic circle: portal in the air, you should not lose the control of the eye.
  4. Use demonic circle : teleport and you should be standing in the air. just don't cancel the eye since you will fall down.
  5. Now you should be able to cast spells if an target is in sight/near, also you can mount up while standing in the air.

Things to use this for:
  •  AFK bust people at air.
  • Save myself from death (crossing twisting nether/crz) dismounts.

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