Saturday, October 27

How to duplicate gold / itmes, duel in arena, trade cross faction and get to old AQ

1. Get 3 other level 90s that can get through Tol' Vir starting area wall (note only 1 side works). These classes can be a mage (blink), Druid (blink), Warrior (Charge / Friendly charge), Priest (sybo druid he then grips you through) and last off all you can polly all classes through that can take up to a few min to get it right. Just do a 2vs2 war game.

2. Now all you guys are out run as a group just away from the arena it deosnt matter what way (north takes you to old AQ btw will update screan shots of that). Now you run until the other arena players are now friendly and you will then be able to trade / duel can't wisper though only real id wisper. You will not die in duels.

3. Yet to test but you should be able to trade cross faction, please note that cross realm won't work. NOTE we have got an mc idea that will work if this isnt working.

4. You can duel and duel players from the oppisite team no matter the faction.

5. Now the duplicate is a little but tricky what needs to happen is 1 player from both teams need to leave the arena, group a player leaves the group, then group b invites group a remaining player still in the arena. So now you have 2 players in the arena same group but vsing each other. Now the player that was in group a trades group b player x amount of gold, hit trade and what will happen is group b player will recieve gold and group a player will keep his gold. NOTE: this will only work ONCE at a time, we will be trying kicking and reinviting later.

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