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Vegetables and You !

These 3 weeks there have been people making a ton of money from Vegetables. How many are on servers that sell a stack of 50 [Insert Vegetable name here] for 500-700 gold? Maybe even more? One thing thats for sure tho is the prices are gradually dropping these days. Atleast dropping from the 400 % profit margins, but dropping down to profits worth not bothering for? Im hoping its gonna be a while.

Where to do it

Merchant Cheng, who sells Empty [Panda Cooking Ingredient] Container, and Nam Ironpaw, who sells the following items for 1 Ironpaw Token, will be your new best friends on the farm! Your new favorite Mains mailbox is the one by the farms Inn!
  • 100 Year Soy Sauce
  • Rice Flour
  • Sack of Green Cabbages (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Jade Squash (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Juicycrunch Carrots (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Mogu Pumpkins (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Pink Turnips (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Red Blossom Leeks (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Scallions (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Striped Melons (25 per bag)
  • Sack of White Turnips (25 per bag)
  • Sack of Witchberries (25 per bag)

My guess as to why the profit margins are so awesome at the moment atleast on my overpopulated server is because very few people have looked into this, so odds are that also very few have looked into it on many other servers, due to: Focusing on PvE, PvP gearing, Professions, Achievements, even Cooking Achievements, they have a reasonable vegetable income from PANDAFARMVILLELOL and just want to sell it cheap and fast (aka believing thats the only source of these vegetables), while others are planting specialised crop seeds for either Motes, Herbs or other trade goods, reducing Veggy competition to a point. Up till now they were also focusing on DMF Cards, like I myself was before discovering how to make 10,000 gold for an hour or two per day these last few days.

By now some of you already know what to do.

How to do it

Blizzards "Equal values" are 1 stack of Meat or Fish = 1 Stack of Vegetables, and by exchanging you get taxed on 75% of the value.
AH Irony: 1 stack of meat or fish goes for 30 - 400 gold while 1 stack of vegetables goes for 1000 - 1400 gold.
Exchange Wise: Minus 75% from Vegetable Stack Pricing and you remain at 250 - 350 gold.

These are the values, and before someone makes the mistake and flames me:

20 Fish OR 20 Meat = 1 Ironpaw Token = 25 Vegetables

100 Vegetables = 1 Ironpaw Token = 5 Fish OR 5 Meat

I personally use Auctionator to scan for the pricing differences. What we need to do is compare the prices of stacks of meat or fish vs vegetables.

Set up a group named: Cooking - Meat and Fish

In this group you will search for the following:
  • Raw Turtle Meat Usually pitches up on AH for 30 or 40 gold per stack. Gotta love those bots slaughtering the mini turtles.
  • Emperor Salmon
  • Reef Octopus
  • Raw Tiger Steak
  • Jade Lungfish
  • Giant Mantis Shrimp
  • Mushan Ribs
  • Redbelly Mandarin
  • Jewel Danio
  • Tiger Gourami
  • Raw Crab Meat
  • Wildfowl Breast
  • Raw Crocolisk Belly
  • Golden Carp Warning, Empty Golden Carp Container requires 60 (3 stacks), not 20. So only buy if 3 of these stacks are cheaper than the cheapest single stack of any other meat or fish is.

There is no grocery bag for Spinefish or Viseclaw Meat, so youre not buying these. Just a heads up.

Set up a group named: Cooking - Vegetables

In this group you will search for the following:
Striped Melon has been left out due to no actual banquet recipes needing it.

  • 100 Year Soy Sauce*
  • Black Pepper*
  • Rice Flour*
  • Green Cabbage
  • Jade Squash
  • Juicycrunch Carrot
  • Mogu Pumpkin
  • Pink Turnip
  • Red Blossom Leek
  • Scallions
  • White Turnips
  • Witchberries

*These 3 are providing lesser profits on my AH's server, but nonetheless still give profits!

You will see additional results of the Seeds for these. Ignore them.

1: Search for Cooking - Vegetables. Find the ones which there are few of total on AH and which are selling at reasonably insane prices. These 2 conditions usually co exist. Note down the ones you want to sell!

2: Search for Meat and Fish. Buy the cheapest stacks of Meat or Fish. Again, remember Golden Carp needs 3 stacks! Has not been worth it even once, not on my server atleast.

3: Mail them to to your Main, log him, receive the mail and find Merchant Cheng

4: Buy the Empty Container for your stack. Left click it to put shit in.

5: Find Nam Ironpaw

* Drunk Fish tells you what veggies will harvest better on the next day. after 00:00 until 03:59 his prediction counts for that moment. Anything you hear from him after 4:00 am, remember that prediction only counts for the very next day.

6: Turn it in. For mass turn ins I use the following macro

/run SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
/run SelectGossipActiveQuest(1)
/run CompleteQuest()
/run AcceptQuest()
/run GetQuestReward(1)

7: Buy the desired Veggie from him

8: Mail to Alt

9: Post on AH for x profit. Banquets require 50 of a certain Veggy, so I advise posting in stacks of 50's.

When to do it

People randomly buy stacks at any given time, this is 2/3 for Personal cooking Achievements or 1/3 for Guild Bank stocking. Most guild bank stocking tho, doesnt exist. Its people running last minute and buying veggies from the AH for their raid thats waiting to summon them in MSV. Why is this good? When they want to buy 100 Juicycrunch Carrots, they are not going to click to buy each and every one seperately at 5 or 6 gold each. They are gonna buy the stacks of 50 for 600 or 700 gold. Also goes for solo food buffers who cba calculating, or who HAVE calculated but believe clicking afew hundred times is not worth 200 or 300 gold. Im one of those people :P

Your golden hours are raid / pugging hours. From about 19:00 to 21:00 ish.

For the Rich and Reckless

In this situation: If it was crunch time, I would buy those 4 stacks of 5, probably completing another stack of 50 Witchberries and posting that also, but mainly to keep someone from buying that + single stacks to create his own group of 50. Most Auctions below 6 gold I buy and repost. The 50 stacks of 600 gold (12 g each) do still sell, and I end up with excess Veggies that god knows what il do with in a week from now. The only Veggie that has slipped out of control on my server these last 2 days is Striped Melon. Too many being posted under 3 gold each.

A smile for those on servers where Veggie Prices are too low

Whats the only bad thing about eating vegetables? Putting them back on the wheelchair when your done.

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