Tuesday, October 23

Bombing for 1000s of XP

This trick requires 2 accounts.  If you get the quest: The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy! for shado-pan dailys. You can use the bombs to bomb players that are trying to quest in fire camp Gai-Cho. Some times you will 1 shot then other times you need to use 2 right after each other.

Basically I park my alt with rested in a tree and I start bombing with my main, I get around 14k for each of the mobs. Took me a few minutes to get 1 million xp since the quest requires you to kill 100 mobs. One hassle is you cant get any more bombs once you kill the 100 needed but you can use up the bombs in your bags. So get to almost 90 stack your bags with bombs. Use those up then abandon and retake the quest.
  1. Put Level 85 alt with full rested in tree
  2. Had quest accepted on main, flew to stock 10 bombs
  3. Bomb mobs til you run out of bombs
  4. Change raid to party and get more bombs (cannot get bombs unless you are back in a party)
  5. Repeat from step 3
Small tip: Convert your party into raid when bombing. Counter will not count killed mobs. After all bombs gone, change to party be course you cant take bombs in raid group. Over and over.

party to raid: /script ConvertToRaid()
raid to party: /script ConvertToParty()
With retaking quest after complete (flying to base and back) rested
~7,280,000 xp/hr after 18 mins

In raid group, level 87, rested
~11,200,000 xp/hr after 17 mins ( forgot to change few times party -> raid and done quest )
real xp gained in 17 mins: 3,241,000

Used enhancement shaman to bomb. Sometimes were attack by mobs so i run away in wolf and then mount up. With druid i think u can pull 1-2 mln xp more.

Nice and very fast way to level up but it is so boring o.O if i think about doing it for 2 hrs aim ill

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