Wednesday, October 24

Zhu's Despair

Last night i begun questing in Krasarang Wilds. I did a few quests at Zhu's Watch and one of the quests puts you into a phased area.

That quest is the following : Zhu's Despair .

Part of this quest is to kill 8 Essence of Despair. They have only 92k health and are super easy to kill.
They spawn in 3 packs and respawn is pretty nice. They do spawn faster with more people around but even if its just yourself there is no downtime.

I started here at 87 and 5% into level this was at 8 pm by 11 pm i was level 88 and 79% into level.
Probs doesn't seem all that great but in that time i got 18 Spirits of Harmony and 4163g in vendors.Also picked up some nice greens and blue boes which are selling for a nice amount my realm at least.

One of the trash drops vendors for 9g and this: Liquid Shadow  - also drops very often

Here is a screenshot of the area: 

I was pulling group 1 to group 2 aoeing them down and looting. Then Group 1 was back up and i was pulling that to Group 3. Rinse and repeat. 

As i said above there is no downtime and i had no competition the whole time i was there and thats a new thing for me as my realm is full.

Hope someone can find this useful  Ill be returning to this spot when i'm 90 no competition is very nice. I know there are other spots that are problems better than this but my realm they're all full and grinding anything is a task and half.

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