Tuesday, November 20

15+ mio XP/hour rested

Found this Spot in Kun-Lai tonight. Ordo Raider

I (Warrior) was grinding with a Guildemate (Priest) who was 86 with full rested bonus and 8 % anniversary buff. He taged the mobs, i killed them.
We cleared one field and ran to the other side of the farm. As soon as we finished the second field, the mobs on the first already respawned.
Nothing more, nothing less. Just pull all mobs you can find and run from the right side to the left and repeat.

He dinged 87 in under 1 hour, from 87(55 %) to ding 88 we needed anouther hour, because rested bonus was gone.
Thats equal to ~8,5 mio/hour or ~17mio/hour rested!

With Warrior and Priest our combo was nearly perfect for pulling+aoe Killing so other classes can perform slightly worse, but you are still much faster then just level normal.

Hope i missed nothing and you will find this spot helpfull to level your Twinks.
If you have any Questions, just ask i will help you as good as i can.

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