Monday, November 19

Phased farming in Pandaland

This trick is similar to the trick we posted yesterday but without the time limit. Some people have been using this for while for phasing  into another "realm" (its just a phase really). 

All of the below quests will work to shoot you into an alternate phase and allow you to farm (within the boundaries of the quest) endlessly without being spotted. There are herbs and ore (rich/reg ghost iron). there are also places you can fish nearby, but again the boundaries try to kick you out. I dont mess with desyncing or anything but im assuming it would work to get around the borders that kick you out.


Alliance (never tested )

Again, people have  been able to farm within the boundaries of the quest since i found it with no problems, so if someone can get a method to work out of boundaries, there are endless farming hours ahead 

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