Sunday, November 18

Own Live Server Realm

First get the Quest where you need to talk to the Panda to get into Brewery Stormbrew "Talk to Chen Stormbrew"

then accept the Summon To Azeroth / Kalimdor / Instance / Battleground and talk to him and you will get portet out same as in Acid Rain but this time if you do it right you are able to move and attack with the Panda (6000 k Life + 200 k DMG per hit + Attack 1 doing 500 k dps or more ! )

Also you get into your OWN REALM !!!!! I was at the same Spot as a friend and he didnt see my NPCs i saw and such i saw Herbs he didnt saw and so on !

THE only Problem about this is that you get like portet out after 2 Minutes of time :S and also if you move to a different location you will get ported back too ! So if you got ANY Ideas how to keep this state we could do all Rares + Bot all the time without getting reported + doing HELL of DMg to all the World Bosses / City Bosses and such !

Heres a Short Video of how it should look like


Ok so this is a bit odd if i hearthstone in this "state" of my char i can move like normal and do stuff and such but if i relog i get portet to the next Graveyard i stand by ( Just thought of a Desync or something like that )

Inside without Panda but with NPC

This is when we tested the "Own" Realm thing and he wasnt able to see the mobs i saw he also killed nearby mobs on my view all were alive ! 

*Edit : You can simply get on your own realm by leaving the house but you will get portet too so try to stay in own Realm without port and we can transfer it to Desolace or any other Continent !

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