Thursday, November 15

Level from 85-90 in 4 hours + earn 500 000 gold

NOTE: If you want to level your chars using this method, you need atleast 10 000 gold to invest at start, more gold you have faster you can do it.

In order to level with my method, you will simply have to go to AH, check prices of vegetables/meat (ingredients used for feasts etc.) and buy them if the price is low enough to make profit.

How do we know if price is low enough?
Well let's do a bit of math, for example I was buying a lot of:
  • Raw turle meat,
  • Raw tiger steak,
  • Wildfowl breast,
  • Mushan ribs
  • Scallions
As those were cheapest on my server, most of times a stack of those was 20-30g.

You can then turn a stack of those vegetables/meat for a cooking token, with which you can the buy either Black Pepper or 100 Year Soy Sauce, which sells for a lot more then stack of vegetables/meat.

While turning in you will receive EXP aswell, so this is ideal for leveling an alt, I've leveled 5 characters so far and made arround 2M gold, over last 10 days.

Quest name is "Replenishing the Pantry".

If you want to level fast you will need this macro, bind it to a key AND ofc a LOT of mats in your bags / mailbox...

/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQuestReward();*** Don't forget you can use heilrooms until you hit lvl 86

Here is full list of vegies/meat you can use for this quest:

You have to pack them to a Bundle of Groceries. You can buy empty bundles from Merchant Cheng for 1g 35s.

Statistical informations:
As people already calculated it takes aproximately 4131 turnins in order to level up from 85 to 90.
If you use macro above, you can turn in arround 20-30 times per minute, depends how fast are you with clicking or if you have perhaps gaming mouse.

It will roughly take 3h and a half to level up, if you have all mats nearby and you can pretty much spam the macro

If you want to power-level, but you don't have the gold for investment, here are some PRO tips:
  • Use heilrooms gear for whole lvl 85, until lvl 86, for maximizing EXP gain
  • Do dungeon quests at lvl 86 and then again ath lvl 87, this will give you loads of EXP and reduce the turn-ins you need to make to level up
  • If your char is rested, good idea would be to go kill mobs at Zhu Despair, until you're non-rested again

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