Monday, November 5

Additional Stamina, Intellect, Agility, Strength in every raid

Found one exploit (Or at leat not intended by Blizzard), which is in my opinion really strong for all the PVE players here, and because i got some nice thinks from OC, i thought it is time to release it.

You are getting 5% additional STA, INT, AGI and STR on top, and this buff is stackable with the normal Buff in Raids (SDK for example).

This is useable in every raid, and it is really usefull to use it when you are progressing on heroic and wiping shortly on enrage timer, or want to pimp your raid DMG in general.

All you have to do is to have a char which didn't quested in Icecrown, if you fullfill that you can get that with EVERY class!

Go to this spot:

If you haven't done the quest here, you have adds like that:

The will give you the buff, which is stackable, try it!

Best way to perform this in a raid is when you having a warlock in your raid and you place your heartstone in Dalaran, than you can gain this buff while in the raid in arround 2 minutes.

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