Saturday, November 3

How to Find Aeonaxx in Deepholm (Phosphorescent Drake)

  • Step 1) Go to Deepholm.
  • Step 2) Wait.
  • Step 3) Profit!
Jokes aside, pretty much the biggest deciding factor of getting a phosphorescent drake is patience. Most of the people flying around on their Time Lost Proto Drake or Phosphorescent Drake didn’t get it by chance. They did the research, and they planted their character in Deepholm for hours a day waiting with bated breath for NPCscan to go off.

When it comes down to it, this nothing more then a test of your endurance.

You’ll most likely not be camping alone. Alliance and Horde alike will be nearby, spamming emotes at you and trying to spam dots on you from floating rocks. They aren’t important. Eventually they will get bored and leave, while you, the sole protagonist will stay ever vigilant.

You can attempt to give yourself at a advantage by using addons like NPCscan and NPCscan’s overlay. Idle in a location where Aeonaxx is more likely to spawn so that there is less of a chance that someone will beat you to her when she does spawn. I will say though, that none of this advice will help you if you leave your character logged in while you go out to eat, or are not attentive to your WoW window. All the strategy in the world wont help you if you’re not there when she spawns.

There are even more resources at your disposal if you don’t want to sit and wait like some sort of plebeian. Check your realm’s forum for an Aeonaxx kill-time thread to get a good idea of her cycle on your server. Keep in mind that server resets do not factor into her spawn cycle.

The final most important piece of advice is as follows: PLAY IN WINDOWED MODE.


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