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Short, simple guide to flipping mop greens for gold

While you have potential to make quite a bit of extra gold effortlessly it may take some time. You will probably be required to relist the items a couple of times before they actually sell, so until you have the market under control and understand what people want and what sells quickly and for what do this in moderation so you don't overwhelm yourself.

This has been pretty much the same idea since the beginning of the world.... of Warcraft, but this will be specifically for mop.

So let's get down to it:

You guys should probably know starting out, and probably already do that when you hit level 85 you are able to buy greens from a vendor in pandaria which are definitely good enough to quest in. This means for us green flippers that it is going to be a bit more difficult to get the required items to be able to sell, but not impossible.

In Pandaria you have a chance to get level 83-84 greens which have an ilvl of 364+ , which is your sweet spot. This could be bought by people still leveling in the cataclysm zones and people just starting out in Pandaria, which means there is a going to be a decent market for it and an influx of these items in the auction house probably selling for cheap since they are low level greens most people think nothing of them and list them for 50g and lower without even thinking twice.

Now is where profit comes in, using the searches for what I just said before you can find tons of these items. You're looking for the items that are listed for 50g and below, buy all of them -- I even sometimes go buying the ones that are selling for 80g each. Weapons will also sell for quite a bit too, so if you can snag some of these for around the same price you're almost guaranteed to make profit on them as these sell almost instantly from my experience.

Every server is different, and you probably heard that 100 times but when it comes to this market it's true.. But there is a way you can do it that is more of a general rule, which is what I'll explain here.

When you buy the items, you list them for less than 200g not by much but about ~195g per item is what I do on my server. The reason behind this is for the mind game factor, and in doing so the person thinks 200g, but sees less than that so they are inclined to buy it.

There are a few things that you should watch out for when doing this though. First off, you should be careful about which items you buy. You should avoid buying items that have multiple of them listed, since these are a little bit harder to control and you will be undercut quite often. The way to avoid this is if you buy all of them out, for example I have had 3 or 4 of the same item but you need to make sure you're not buying them for too much more than your goal of 50g, but can be well worth it if you are able to control the market for that specific item.

Next, you should look out for the type of items that you are buying. The best ones to buy are the ones that have two stats, because they have the highest of the main required stats like agility/strength/intellect and stamina. Although, after saying that don't let yourself avoid buying the 4 stat ones, if the price is right and the stats are good on them (ie the two highest stats are the main stat and stamina) because they will sell just as quickly.

You should avoid a couple of specific ones:
  • ...of the tiger;
  • ...of the Earthshaker;
  • ... of the mercenary;
  • ... of the Earthbreaker;
There may be a few more, but these ones are mentioned specifically because they do not have any stamina on them, which is your best friend while leveling.. Making these ones the least desirable, and will probably never sell for the prices that you want them to. So, if there are any others that you see without them having stamina on them and I didn't mention it, please let me know and I will add it into the list.

I will be adding more to this guide as time goes on, but that is the basics of it and I hope that it makes you quite a bit of extra gold without much work at all as it has done me!

Thanks for taking the time to read the guide as is, and any other information you'd like me to add to help out others I will do so.

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