Friday, November 30

World of Warcraft exploration: Underneath/On top of Brawl'gar Arena

Hey guys Abe here from Wowgamerxx119, it's been a long time since i've posted anything. I haven't stopped exploring/exploiting i still do this, i did however stop posting videos until now obviously because i thought this was a pretty neat find that you all may enjoy!

Requirements needed: Goblin racial - rocket jump and slow fall.

What you need to do is go into the Brawl'gar Arena and go ontop of the pillar and rocket jump onto the lamp.

From there you need to do a "wall jump" onto the lowest rotating gear, and then another the same way to get on the gears.

Now you need to rocket jump aiming to the side of the gear.

Then wait for your rocket jump to come off cooldown and use it again aiming into a pillar ontop of the Arena, which will put you into a corner where you can just run forward to go underneath the Arena.

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