Monday, December 10

A little Patience scenario Exploring.

This time we decided to explore the new scenario '' A little Patience''. Few words about the whole ordeal, it was very fun to explore this specific scenario, but as usual there is some problems that you may face when exploring any Scenario, for instance the dense mist which kicks in at random spots and cover most of the area.

We pretty much explored the whole area that was possible to explore, there is no Jade forest or Valley of four winds they have been cut off.

Forgot to mention the scenario is pretty much bugged when you move around you get random ''Discovered'' places, but they all are in wrong places.

Guide for exploring this continent:
  •  Be a warlock or Mage/Druid
  •  Ability which will allow you to pass invisible walls example which i used (eye of killrog + demonic portal)
  •  Face yourself to Valley of the four winds and get as near as you can on the cliff then proceed to right till you hit the invisible wall and breach it.
  •  Darkmoon ''Tiger'' could work.

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