Sunday, December 16

As a druid, I get into some pretty hardcore roleplay

From a RP standpoint, feral/guardian druids are the most badass, if not mentally deranged class you can play. Sure, other classes kill people with swords, axes, and spells, but druids in shapeshifted form rip people apart with their bare hands and mouths. A lot of their abilities involve slicing up the enemy so they will bleed to death. Or of course resto with tree form. I RP all the time, standing around in forests and what not. It's great.

Also, making tree jokes.

Got adds on me during a fight? "Help, these adds won't LEAF me alone!" Someone get dc'd and come back? "I'm glad you were able to LOG back in!" Need to go AFK? "Hold on a sec guys, I've got a SPLINTER!"

Gold mine of hilarity.

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