Thursday, December 20

The entire list of words Blizzard deems to be unacceptable for those with the mature language filter on. (NSFW - Words)

TIL: "yuckfu yuckfou transvestite transsexual testicle tampon sphincter sperm phuck gangbang felch bukkake bukakke bukake" is one swear word.

I believe Germans are very strict when it comes to these things in video games. For example, one of the words I saw was "Dummkopf" which is basically calling someone an idiot. IMO this whole censor thing is Complete bullshit. We have a problem with violence but not with swearing words and especially not with sexual swearing words. Even the German word for "fart" is on that list.

Here is the list

Analcumdrip. That's a beautiful mental image.

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