Wednesday, January 16

Before there was Atlas Loot there were these. They got much use over the years.

Brings back so many memories from the Vanilla days. I could never play like I used to back when I was a teenager but damn so many awesome memories spending a whole night after school tolling away at places like Gnomeregan and Blackrock Depth.

I remember how I owned one of those when I started WoW. I would always read them when I go to bed and it always made me excited for the next day to play wow. I was always amazed how huge this game is, and I could never imagine a group of 40 people running MC and it will take them days to kill all the bosses.

WoW Guides from the depths of my closet

Official strategy guide

Purchased on 01/01

Tables of everything! This is a small part of the cloth armor table.

Pet Journal

Tables of spells! Pyroblast!

Better quality Pyroblast


Enemy Tables for every zone

"Common phrases or abbreviations"

And of course comics!

Dungeon Companion

Index of all dungeons in Vanilla

Awesome picture of the dark portal

Scholo. Look at the estimated time

Ally quests in scholo

Horde Quests

A School Dedicated to Magic! What could go wrong?

Scholo map (part of it at least)

SKF in vanilla, look at the estimated time.



Loot table

Enemies in Gnomeregon

Molten Core (4-12 hours) (1-3 days)

MC map

Garr's loot table per class

Set bonuses

More set bonuses

Back of the dungeon book.

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