Wednesday, January 16

I'm a Tauren who patrols the road to Stormwind.

This image series was mailed to us. With the following text
Since someone will probably ask, Honrar and I got our Knight's Colors (the blue Alliance tabards) from a bugged vendor in Shattrath, back in the beginning of Cataclysm.

Since I'm not actually a Guardsman yet, I had to make my own armor.

Guardsman Randy thought I was a bad guy. He must not have seen my armor!

I don't like Guardsman Randy.

Later, Officer Fiona showed up!

We met some locals on our patrol.

They wanted to help us out! Thanks, guys!

These people did, too.

Some of our militia started riding horses. I wish I had a horse to patrol on.

Killraider said I looked tired, and suggested we take a break.

After a quick nap in the woods, we were off on patrol!

Eventually, we had to say goodbye.
I did something similar to this on a private RP server. Blood Elf in Stormwind Guard gear, snuck into Stormwind (not that hard since the population is way lower than the real servers), and simply began walking around.

But then I stumbled upon some other players in Stormwind Gear who were lined up in front of the church, with one pacing back and forth in front of them. Most likely a RP guild, unsure if they were playing or filming, but either way I wanted to join my fellow soldiers! So I ran over and stood at the end of the line, staring forward, just like the rest. The pacing player turns and makes it back down to my end... and then he stops and turns to me. Nothing for 5 or 10 seconds.

Still not sure if he was in shock or just typing a message (or talking on Vent/TS) to the others. But then every other guard turned as well, finally noticing me. I slowly turned to them and did what any respectful Stormwind guard would do! /wave

All 6 or 7 of them jumped me. :( I barely got away in the Ironforge tram in time.

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