Wednesday, January 30

Imagine the chaos of merging these servers into 1 PVP server.

I have a Horde on Stormrage. The thing that sucks the most about the server is the fact that the horde economy pretty closely resembles that of Somalia. I also spent a year on Mal'Ganis, saw 4 alliance tops? As horde that is.

Transfered my druid there and while waiting for money to do the faction change I decided to play on Alliance. Went 6 hours without seeing anyone in SW during peak hours, and more than that without anything said in trade.

It saddens me, that besides the great things Blizz does to maintain this game slightly fun over the years, they just refuse to do merge servers. From a costumer support and sales point of view: The guy blocking this, is probably not doing his job right.

If servers were even out, i bet you my freaking car that the population would start growing again.

One of the things that made WoW more fun than the other mmos, was that you always run into someone. But know?

I have both Horde and Alliance on Nathrezim-EU. The only reason I made Alliance chars, was that i wanted to do some open-pvp. 90 to 10, Horde to Alliance ratio. In Cata my former guild started an Alliance version, so that we could hunt each other. We even had rewards out for kills of certain players (from our own guild). This and the cooperation with some guilds from the alliance was the only time we had a few nearly server crashing fights.

I think I didn't have that much fun since the pointless (besides the freaking fun of it) Tarrens Mill - Southshore fights at mid 20-30 in classic. I've probably spent 24-48h of Gameplay doing nothing bot killing and getting killed in there.

At that time, with my rogue, we even made a rogue only chat so that all the horde rogue could organize. We walked around the major cities and Tarrens Mill (58+) with 15-25 rogues just messing with the Alliance Raids. People wouldn't even be mad. The Alliance made Forum-Posts about how awesome the idea was and formed a counter group.

This is only possible, if you have a) enough players on a server and b) a live community and c) the possibility of even matches.

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