Wednesday, January 30

It made me quite sad to see this in Stormwind..

I have never played a game that pulls on my hearstrings quite as much as WoW. Even ingame stuff. I remember back during the AQ days, I was soloing in the hives in Silithus, and some hunter was doing the same thing, so we teamed up. He had this pet turtle, and try as I might, we could not keep that thing alive. It made me really sad to see this digital turtle die over and over. I might need counseling.

When thousand needles flooded and I saw all the sparkle shell tortoises stranded on bits of debris it made me so sad, I had to log my hunter, tame/rescue one and never go there again.

Dark souls really also does this for me. Every time brolaire dies.. My heart man. Part of me wants to spend 30 humanity to save him, but then the lazy part of me says "meh". I think the only time wow tugs my heart strings is whenever my pet dies as a hunter, I feel like I actually let them down. Like as they're dying they're looking me in the eyes going "WildeHunter.. Why..?" feels bad man.

Speaking of 1K needles. This was one of the Fanart submissions back at Cata release that I will always remember.

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