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Protect warrior vs. solo Alone in the darkness (10): strategy guide

My character:
I went as Protect, but wearing complete dps gear (except for shield ofc) with following talents: Double time, Second wind, Distrupting shout, Shockwave, Mass Spell Reflection and Avatar. Glyphs: Death from above, Victory rush and Resonating power.

Here is basically what i did:

Phase one:
Joke. Just stand in the middle alt-tabbed and sometimes kill guardians. Make sure to kill them near Sara to damage her. If you're looking for a challenge, kill 9 at once for achievement.

Phase two.
This phase is just one big variable. At the beginning she'll drain random amount of sanity from random players. With only you in the raid, you'll remain at 20-50 every time. If you're low on sanity, you can die, there's no point in attempting.

Another variable is where Crushing tentacles spawn (big ones). These need to be killed ASAP. They cast channeled debuff on you, which will reduce your damage done by 20%, stacking 4 times - once for each Crusing tentacle alive. Interrupt & kill.

Corruptor Tentacle (small ones): these are real pain in the ass. They cast four random debuffs on you; two just drain HP(one curse and one poison), Apathy (magic), which reduces your movement speed by 60% with 20s duration and Black Plague(Disease), 24 second duration, periodically stuns for 2 seconds. your success inside brain phase depends on having only one of these two up, ideally none. Also kill these tentacles if you can.

Constrictor Tentacles: These will grip you and hold you until you kill them. You cannot attack these normally, however one glyphed Thunder Clap should deal with them. First will spawn immediately after p2 begins.

Brain phase:
As soon as the portals spawn, be prepared or ready to Heroic Leap near spawn site (in front of the boss and sides), but kill tentacle if you're currently attacking it. Run around and kill everything inside and then brain. Don't use any damage cooldown, except for smaller ones, you'll need them in p3. However, the brain must die in one visit, otherwise you'll drown in tentacles outside.

Most important part inside brain chamber are Laughing Skulls. They look like Marks hovering above your head when feared. When you're facing these, they'll periodically drain 2% sanity every sec. Make sure not to look at these. You'll need that sanity.

Phase three:
Kill remaining Crusher tentacles and get to boss. He'll cast Lunatic Gaze which will reduce your sanity by 4% per sec when you're facing him. Get some kind of timers (i use Deadly boss mods) and turn away before he starts casting this.

Another important mechanic are Immortal Guardians. They deal more damage, when they have more health and cannot be killed. You want to back-peddle to face boss and dodge/parry/block them to reduce damage input as much as possible. When boss casts Lunatic gaze, you want to focus them. They will also cast drain life, which must be interrupted as often as possible (Distrupting shout and Shockwave are awesome).

When you have last big defensive cooldown remaining and Guardians are at 1hp, you'll have ridiculous amount of vengeance. Pop every offensive cooldown and kill boss.

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