Thursday, January 3

This really happened!

Last night I was searching trade and local channels looking for a leatherworker to make me a Chestguard of Nemeses and got a response from a 90 Druid. I meet said Druid in Stormwind Trade District. I trade the Druid 3 Magnificent Hide and 8 Blood Spirit. As soon as the trade is completed he logs off. I sat there dumbfounded for about 5 minutes. I wrote up an ingame ticket to Blizzard with all the times, items, names etc. 

Then decided to look up the Druids guild and talk to his GM. Turns out the Druids GM was his dad and they have one account but multiple WoW accounts. 5 minutes after I talk to his dad the Druid logs back on, apologizes and gives me all my mats back.

TL;DR Someone tried to ninja 20k g worth of mats from me. I talked to his GM/dad. Kid got pimp slapped and I got my mats back.

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