Thursday, January 24

SilverShard Mines Wining Strategy

First you need to have a well balanced team for optimal performance,but also doable in a random battle Ground with random set-up,this strategy is easy to be done and very simple and similar to capture the flag maps.

This RBG needs coordination from the leader to his/her team-mates to follow the routes and watch/guard them in the neck of time.


Have the 1st group head west to and guard the route of the cart and change its route to North depot.


Send 2nd group to the east to guard the route of the cart and change it to North .


Once the route is secured and 2 carts have headed to North Depot have the 2 groups guard those 2 carts and meet up North and power up as 1 team to make sure both carts are captured,there you will have secured 2 carts and took advantage of the route.

Then head back as 2 groups to same spots and again and make sure the routes head to north,there u will have 2 carts and horde guarding 1 depot in middle losing 2 team members or 1 at least,there comes a pro rogue/feral part of taking that depot if the other team is careless on guarding the cart and heading to north instead you will have yourself 3 carts instead of 2 which is awesome.

Key Points : 

  1. Secure west path to North
  2. Secure east path to North
  3. Capture 2 carts at north part
  4. Make sure to guard and keep the routes of carts heading north
  5. Steal middle cart if possible.

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