Sunday, January 27

Today these glowflies are replaced with tiny flying polar bears. This is a glitch I can support.

I also saw this happen near Halfhill one day. The glowflies were turtles. I enjoyed the flying turtles for a minute or two. They got in the way when I was farming some cranes for cooking ingredients so they all died. When they respawned they were still turtles. I don't think a mage was responsible for the glitch I experienced.

For people unaware, this was done by a very awesome mage. Glyph of the Bear Cub

Your Polymorph: Sheep spell polymorphs the target into a polar bear cub instead. Glyph of Crittermorph

When cast on critters, your Polymorph spells now last 24 hrs and can be cast on multiple targets.

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