Friday, January 11

This is what happens if you give the Horde access to the Common tongue

First you think it's a horde player being nice to an Alliance. a nice example of cross-faction helping. Then you se the combat log....

The very old days of the beta. Mages were basically ranged rogues. Invisibility was a magic version of stealth (you could cast nuke spells without breaking the sneak) and they also had a spell called Khadgar's Unlocking which allowed them to unlock chests. Originally, Forsaken were able to speak Common for lore reasons. Chris Metzen was also hardcore about continuing the Night Elf tradition of gender separated roles between Wardens and Druids. Only female nelves could become warriors, rogues, and hunters and only male nelves could become druids. Obviously they changed that as well.

Bonus Fact: Will of the Forsaken used to be permanent but Forsaken players were considered Undead. Fear didn't do diddly squat but UD players would get owned in the face by paladins and they were able to be chain CCed indefinitely with Shackle Undead. Fun times.

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