Sunday, January 13

Transfer gold cross-faction AND cross-realm and profit while doing so using pets

We finally have a method that allows for items to be transferred cross-faction and even cross-realm. Even cross-account as long as the account is on the same account as you. These are the new battle pets that can be caged.

So, I'll start out with an example involving 10 random realms, along with your main realm you want to profit on. You will need 10 different battle pets you can resell on the other realms. Buy 10 pets that can be caged and resold for a small bit of gold. A pet that reliably sells for 2-3k seems to work great. Log on each realm and place the pets up for sale and wait for a buyer. You now have seed money on 10 realms that can be used to buy other battle pets that players may be selling, in some cases, at GROSSLY UNDER-PRICED values. An example of this would be a Gundrak Hatchling pet that someone sold for 50 gold on AH recently, not knowing it was a rare drop. Or 10 Lumpy pets bought at an average of around 350g that I later sold at 5k+ gold each.

Using the example above, you could then learn a Gundrak Hatchling or Lumpy (or any other pet) and then resell it on your main realm for profit. Or, you could use it and re-sell it on that same realm to gain more seed money.

Every realm has different selling prices for each of the rare pets and there can even be different prices cross-faction on the exact same realm.

The main problem with this method is that you never know when or if a pet will sell for the price you list it at if you sell on the AH. Below is the ultimate solution to that:

If you have two accounts, things get even more interesting. Have one account on one realm sitting at the AH, constantly checking prices on pets. If you see one that looks cheap, use the OTHER account and advertise the pet for an amount that is higher than what it is being sold for. If you find a buyer, THEN you can buy the pet and resell it for instant profit. You are effectively ADVERTISING AND SELLING SOMETHING BEFORE YOU EVEN INVEST IN BUYING IT!

Combine what I have just told you with the trainer bug that lets you level pets to 25 quickly (level 25 pets can sell 2x-3x more than level 1), and you will be making bank fast with very little effort.


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