Saturday, February 2

5.2 Ghost Iron Bars/Ores, Trillium & Living Steel

I foresee the price / demand of Ghost Iron Bar & Ghost Iron Ore being much higher than they are currently. Coming with 5.2 is a new item called Lightning Steel Ingot which is created from 10 Ghost Iron Bar. In 5.2 blacksmiths will have the ability to create "reborn" blacksmithing weapons from the Burning Crusade era Weaponsmithing specialization which is not available to players that didn't play during that time period which uses these Lightning Steel Ingots.

Lightning Steel Ingot can only be produced once per day, much like Living Steel BUT they are also BoP. In the tooltip it states, "In the process, you may gain additional knowledge of Ghost Iron, and discover a Blacksmithing plan you have yet to learn." I won't go into full detail about the weapons you learn / make.

Stablized Lightning Sorce is a new item used by Engineers which has a 1 day cooldown as well. In order to create one of these it will take 10 Ghost Iron Bar. Stablized Lightning Sorce are used the below mentioned items along with Living Steel.

Living Steel will be in demand since all the new blacksmithing weapons will require these to make. Also, engineers will have 3 new things to craft in 5.2 with these; Pierre (Pet - 15 Living Steel) 5 Stablized Lightning Sorce, Advanced Refrigeration Unit (32 slot Cooking Bag - 5 Living Steel 15 Stablized Lightning Sorce) and Sky Claw (New Mount - 30 Living Steel 30 Stablized Lightning Sorce). Expect to see an increase in price & demand for these as well.

Also, we cannot forget the new quest for the legendary. Secrets of the First Empire, which requires you to get 20 Secrets of the Empire and 40 Trillium Bar. Which of course can be made from 10 Ghost Iron Barthrough Transmute: Trillium Bar.

In the end I suggest, stocking up on Ghost Iron Bar, Ghost Iron Ore, Trillium Bar & Living Steel.
Do you agree or disagree? I'd love to hear your opinions.

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