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How to get the Achievement "Darkmoon Duelist"/"Darkmoon Dominator" as a Warlock 100%

So, there are the hard achievements called "Darkmoon Duelist" (Darkmoon Duelist - Achievement - World of Warcraft) and "Darkmoon Dominator" (Darkmoon Dominator - Achievement - World of Warcraft). Therefore, you have to win the chest which spawns every 3 hours (00:00, 03:00 and so on) in the middle of the arena in Darkmoon Fairy, which is quite hard when you have to fight others. But here is a way you can get it 100 % as a warlock or in a group WITH one or two warlocks !

So, all you need is a Warlock (Dot skilled). Then, 1 minute before the chest is placed in the arena, the warlock has to place his portal (the green one with which the warlock can teleport a bit) OUTSIDE of the arena (near the gate / net). Then, when the arena starts and the goblin places the chest in the center, make sure that the warlock enters the arena, puts his dots on the enemys (like the hardest spells) and then press the button to teleport himself to his portal.

Then, the persons IN THE ARENA will take DMG while they cant target the warlock, while the warlock can stay outside and watch them burn to death :E !!!

Then, when all people nearly died (you may have to enter and port several times to kill them) you can run to the chest and loot it without any problems. It is really effective in a group when you have 2 or more locks, then its nearly IMPOSSIBLE for others to get the chest !

Hope it could help you and it shouldnt be a repost, couldnt find it here  use it while you can, the achievement "Darkmoon Dominator" is very hard.

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