Sunday, February 3

This image was mailed to us with the following description: My license plate's finally came!
Honestly, it took me a minute to get the WoW connection. At first I thought it said Looking For Goobers. Don't mind me. It's just too early in the day.

I also had the chance to ask a few questions:

Since this means you had to be a vanilla player, I'm curious, are you still playing? And what class did you run ubrs with the most? FTH.

First toon I played was on Smolderthorn, Orc Hunter. Played him all during Vanilla & BC and up into wrath. Priest During wrath, Shaman during Cata. And I play monk/warlock now. It has been a long amazing journey haha

Are you still on smolderthorn?
I have some characters left on Smolderthorn, But my main now is on magtheridon

I don't blame you for leaving Smoldy, but I just can't bring myself to do it... even though it seems everyone else currently is leaving.
All of my original vanilla friends left and or quit after the start of wrath, I held onto smolder for wrath and cata. But it was so desolate, i moved to mag because a few friends came back and rolled there. Still Rep horde!

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