Monday, February 4

I feel prepared for 5.2's goldmaking ^_^!

Ghost iron is going to sky rocket because of a few factors. First: Trillium used for the legendary chain (40 bars aka 400 ghost iron bars). Also they are upping the drop rate of loot for all 5.0 raids and also a new teir of raiding will be released. This means most the raw ore is going to be snatched up instantly by JC's to prospect and cut into gems. These people are also going to turn some of the uncommons into Enchanting mats for all these shiney new epics (Thus a higher need for ore). Also a new BS daily CD Lighting Ingot will force BS's to buy a steady stream of ghost iron daily. Also new patterns learned from this CD will need mats like living steel to make that will cause alchemist to buy bars from a already strained market. There are a few more reasons, but I can't really recall off the top of my head.

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