Tuesday, February 5

Capture all rare battle pets (Minfernal etc) in minutes!

Many of you already know that when you are on a flight path, the zone you fly over is not crossrealm. nobody can get there and thats why all rare pets and stuff are spawned.

Now I found a way to take advantage of this.

  1. For my example, i take the minfernal rare pet in felwood. get in another crossrealm zone than felwood, i take hyjal.
  2. Go to a flight master and open the flight tab. get there with another char. start pet duel but dont press accept. choose flightpath near minfernal spawn and press the macro "/click StaticPopup1Button1" to accept pet battle one second after. now the pet battle starts, but your char is flying to the location you have chosen WHILE being in pet battle.
  3. Look at the map and wait until your char arrives in felwood.
  4. After he arrived, wait 5-10 secs. then forfeit the pet battle duel.
  5. Now your char is still sitting on the gryphon of the flightmaster and is NOT in the crossrealm zone of felwood. 
  6. If you move, you get DC'ed. to move, toggle the option run/walk, so you move slowly. do NOT change your direction while moving, only while standing still or you will get DC'ed
  7. Guess you will need some tries here.
  8. Move slowly to the minfernal spot. set keybind on interact with target. fly towards minfernal, press interact with target to start pet battle.

A bit after start:

Rare Pet:

Sec Acc View:

Extra infos:

  • If you d/c, you'll fly through the world back to the flypoint.
  • You cant attack anything (yet).
  • You'll d/c sometimes when you try to start a pet battle.

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