Tuesday, February 5


I'm pretty offended. /hairflip

You can't bubble hearth away from emotions.
Don't call it a dress, dammit. It's plate!
Big hammers, big feelings...

As a warrior this is how I always felt about paladins. We're trying to be the big tough guys, swinging giant weapons in our big ol' plate armor, then these sissies come around and try to pretend being us, using the "light" to guard them and stuff.

Most of the time they don't even really use their weapons! They're for show. They rather shoot their little bits of lights at people and, not to hurt their feelings, the orcs they shoot play dead as if it actually hurt them.

Might as well throw light bulbs and flash lights in their faces, and you would still be more efficient.

I swear, since that one day the priest decided to use a sword, these guys are all over the place.

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