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Sporeggar + Tiny Sporebat Goldmaking

I would like to share a method to earn gold that uses the Tiny Sporebat, a form of flying battle pet, sold from the reputation vendor of the Sporeggar faction. In order to buy this companion, it takes a little farming in order to get up to exalted, but this faction is one of the easiest grinds in the game. It uses a repeatable turn-in feature that grants you 750 rep per turn-in. Not only this, but the items required to turn in are also able to be bought on the AH, for very little gold per stack, which makes this faction really easy to farm.

Sporeggar Rep Guide (Unfriendly - Exalted)

Unfriendly to Friendly- do the quest, Natural Enemies, (Natural Enemies - Quest - World of Warcraft)
Kill Bog Lords in Zangarmarsh, as well as pick up their tentacles for extra rep. It takes 6 tentacles for one turn-in, which will net you 750 rep.
All in all, about 30 minutes of farming to get you friendly.

Friendly to Exalted- Head to Underbog, where you will see the repeatable quest, (Bring Me A Shrubbery! - Quest - World of Warcraft)

This will either call you to farm Underbog, or will draw you to the AH, as these quest items (Sanguine Hibiscus) are not BoP. It takes 5 in order to turn in, and you need only 260 to hit exalted.
On my server, t
he Sanguine Hibiscus's cost 40g to buy a stack of 20, so it should only cost 520g to hit exalted.
Another perk of this rep grind is for the achievement, the Diplomat, of which the Sporeggar are a prerequisite for.

Finally, now that you have hit exalted, you can begin to farm gold. If you buy the items from the AH, you should hit exalted in under an hour or two.

Tiny Sporebat Buying/Selling

Now that you are exalted with the Sporeggar, you are now able to buy and sell the companion pet, the Tiny Sporebat. The Tiny Sporebat is a rare quality battle-pet which is sold for 20 glowcaps (Sporeggar currency) from their vendor. The glowcaps are easily found on the AH, or also can be farmed in the forests of Zangarmarsh, around the Sporeggar camp. It is easy to hit 30 glowcaps in under 10 minutes. Once you have found/bought the glowcaps, you can buy the companion. The Sporebat sells for upwards of 2k on most servers at level 1, and more if the pet is leveled.

-130g- Hibiscus
-520g- Glowcaps
2000g- Sporebat

1350g Profit- Only for the first Sporebat. Every Sporebat you buy after that, as long as you buy the Glowcaps from the AH will give you approximately 1820g profit.(Again, this depends what the prices on your server are)

Time Spent=
30 mins (UF to F)
5 mins (AH)
10 mins (Farming)

45 mins spent- Depends on if you buy the hibiscus from the AH or if you decide to grind them from heroic UB.

 Goodluck with your farming/goldmaking!

P.S. I understand that this method might not work for some people, depending on many factors, including their server, competition, as well as the fact if there are any glowcaps/hibiscus on the AH, which will impact your time spent grinding rep. However, this method is a very safe endeavor that does not require spending any gold on any mats, as well as not having any gathering professions.

P.P.S. Besides this, the Sporebat is actually not a bad battle pet to use, based on its multiple DoTs (4/6 abilities) as well as it's ability that allows it to deal damage, using the damage it takes as health.

P.P.P.S. If you decide to farm UB for the Sanguine Hibiscus, you will also be able to farm Cenarion Expedition Rep as well, which will then allow you to get a mount (Cenarion War Hippogryph)

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