Tuesday, February 26

How to work around the honor / justice cap to get full malv in 5.2

If you are like me, focused on one main in pvp and with too much work to do, that you can't gear your second character / reroller, you most likely will not be able to complete a full set of Malevolent gear for your alt by the time 5.2 hits, and most surely, for first 1-2 weeks as well. But it's not too late...with only 1-1and a half hours of daily play till 5.2 you will do the following :

1: Cap Honor points-4k ( you can do just 1 CTA rbg per day which rewards you with @ 500 honor aka 4k cap in a week and 1 day )
2: Cap Justice Points to 4k, for later converts to Honor ( you can setup honorbuddy for that, or ask your smaller bro, do them by yourself, w/e )
Now, with those 2 points capped, that means next season you will be able to buy only...2-3, let's say, maximum 4 pieces if you buy only offsets....BUT

3: Honorable Commendation of the Dominance Offensive can and will let you go over the 4k cap, by storing those tokens into your bag ( to a max of 250 ).
While these tokens only have 1 day duration, on the toon you wish to farm honor fast on, you won't spend more than 1 hour farming ( 3 , 6 and even 9 ) of these tokens by killing the alliance or horde pvp rares added in 5.1. ( For example, I'm now at 4k JP cap, 4k H cap, 21 of these tokens with 21 hours remaining, and still farming them fast on a very high populated pvp server on EU )
To be able to farm even more, ask a friend to invite you on he;s realm when the rares are dead on yours, and you will be able to farm them again ( given hes realm is deserted, or has the mobs still up ) I've found that, on my server, the ideal hour to farm this is early in the morning, when I can get even 9 of these tokens.

4: complete the Tol Barad / Wintergrasp dailies and DO NOT give them in, not until 5.2 hits

5: ALWAYS USE Battle Standard of Coordination when you are about to receive honor from the tokens / quests. Also be sure to be in a high lvl guild for the Honorable Mention perk,

6: In the rare case you have just a few minutes of the honorable-commendation left, go to your faction pvp vendor, pop the Battle Standard, and continue to buy Malevolent pvp gear, and ONLY AFTER, go back to Orgrimmar / Stormwind to exchange Justice to Honor.

I hoped I helped, and even though it might be a repost, I'm doing this because I was very surprised that even on my server which always has @ 500 ppl in queue, I was there alone farming most of the time, with few minor interferences from other players.

PS: If you are like me, with only 2-3 malevolent pieces on the alt, you'd need 35 tokens of commandation, full jp and honor cap to get the entire set of malevolent + off sets and rings/necks/trinkets.

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