Monday, February 25

Transmogrification: Shattrath Lower City Shaman

This one was mailed to us.

Item List:
  • 2x Fel Edged Battleaxe
  • Soldier’s Armor
  • Outrider Chainmail
  • Imbued Infantry Belt
  • Outhouse Boots
  • Pauldron’s of Darrowshire
  • Ice Cream Mitts
  • Lower City Tabard
  • Black Tooth Helm
All items listed can be acquired with Horde or Alliance!

I love the set, though it took a moment to realize what you meant by "Lower City Shaman". I was looking for a Draenei or visible Draenei gear, before I saw the tabard. (It's been ages since I've seen it).

You should see how the 'Wildhammer Tabard' looks on it, because that's what I initially thought of. A bad-ass, dual-Axe wielding Wildhammer.

Who's moved to Shattrath.

Great set :D

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