Tuesday, February 19

The day flying came to Azeroth

Something similar to this happened back on the Isle of Quel'danas. The server had almost done enough quests so as to unlock the final stage (I think it was the tower? It's been too long) so people just started packing on top of the quest givers at the blacksmith/repair place.

Eventually a gm came and told everyone to move, when they didn't he started literally launching people into the air. I was standing too close at the time and just got dribbled because I was standing under a ramp too close. He then sent a bunch of people to Winterspring (or so I would assume, he threatened to do it then a good few people vanished).

None of my guildies believed a GM would do that, but, it happened. GMs are awesome for their sense of humor. My friend was once out in the Nether around Outland when he came across a Tauren GM. Teasingly BC we're an rp server, he taunted the tauren. He at one point said "so you're not going to talk to me? You're no more than a cow." The GM turned him into a cow, floating through the nether.

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