Thursday, March 14

Blizzard to announce their next game at PAX East! (NOT sequel or expansion)

Well let's see, the most obvious genre for them to move into would be the MOBA or FPS market but announcing Blizzard dota wouldn't be very exciting since they've already announced it like 20 times. The FPS genre is more likely since it's something they can develop into an esport.

I'm guessing they are going to create a new universe and make it into an FPS RPG. The setting would be some form of futuristic earth-like realm. All of this fitting very nicely into a esport designed package. They can sell the game to single player people based on the RPG and they can keep the name out there with the FPS esport support.

Honestly, it's really an interesting bill that one company has 3 extremely successful games in 3 completely different markets. It will be even more interesting if they can go into a 4th market of gamers.

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