Thursday, March 14

Fast Levelin guide 85-90

What you need:

  • Level 85-89 Char.
  • 2-3 Friends that are LvL 90.
  • About 2-3hours free time, (debends a lot from you'r friends gears.)

Before you start this you should go to buy Battle Strand of Coordination from guild vendor, because you will get 15% more xp with it.

So you will basicly just tag mobs, meanwhile your friends will kill them (Make sure you aint in party with them!!!)

  1. Go to Kun-Lai Summit
  2. Go to The Dooker Dome
  3. Tag the mobs that are holding chains (Cagemasters, Grants around 50-70k exp.)
  4. Tag Big Gladiator Chief (Grants around 150-200k exp.)

At the beginning the respawn rate of the Cagemasters is pretty slow but it will speed up quite fast.
You should always focus the Big Gladiator Chief down because there can be only one of them alive, and it has chance to respawn when you kill Cagemasters.

Paint skills over 9k, A bit more of explanation there.

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