Friday, March 15

Do you ever think back to the old days?

I am slightly proud of my unarmed feat of strength. I spent about 2 hours standing under Dalaran punching trees in the face with my paladin. I earned that shit. //Now that I think about it that sounds oddly like playing minecraft.

Im not even sure why I miss the old days... WoW is now in EVERY WAY a better game. Yet... I find myself missing all the glitches, and the games general lack of polish. I miss sneaking into off limit areas, or crazy bugs like the Hakkar Aids epidemic. You just dont see shit like that anymore.

Also I found the community changed in some almost unnamable way. I remember when a guild MEANT something. There were server celebrities a-plenty and everybody had their clique. I resubbed in Cata and things did not feel the same at all.

EDIT: Also you dont see world bosses like you used to... I remember taking revenge against an alliance guild that decided to make sport of me while grouping together to take on one of the world dragons in Duskwood. Fuckers camped me so I corpse walked into the fight area and hid in some bushes. I happened to have an armour pot and a haste pot so I shot an arrow at the boss popped all my tank cooldowns and used my haste potion to run like the wind. Imagine the alliance scums surprise when they see me peeling out of the bushes with a gigantic dragon right behind me- Some ran, others tried to stop me... But it was all for naught. I died at their feet but not before they aggroed the boss and I was single handedly responsible for murdering 40 alliance. It was a fairly prominent guild on the server and for weeks random alliance members would spit on me whenever they saw me. This was back in the Ahn'quiraj days.

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