Saturday, March 16

MOP reps on low level characters

So theres really only 1 use for this and its if you have a low level twink like me i have an 80 mage so you will have tailoring and herbalism as professions. so what do you do with all your imperial silk? aside from makeing the new 5.2 craftables

so what you wanna do is farm atleast 1 of the new rares the  Zandalari Warbringer   or if you are solo a  Zandalari Warscout t

they drop Stolen insigneas for MOP rep which is BOA and has no required use level so if you get atleast 1 Stolen August  Stolen Celestial Insignia you can mail it to your low level to unlock the rep and if you have the revered 100% rep increase this works for the insigneas as well

after you unock this rep you can even do dungeons to get a daily 600 rep

The whole point of this is you can now grind out th erep and buy the royal satchel pattern and have a use for your left over Imperial Silk

The Stolen insigneas are only for Shadopan Klaxxi August Celestial and Golden Lotus so any of the crafting patterns you can get if your profession is maxed

i dont know how much of use itll be but klaxxi sells an item that encases you in amber and heals you Restorative Amber ( )

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