Saturday, March 16

I'm so happy Blizzard did this.

Home to the 2nd longest escort prequest after "follow me this won't take long" guy in Shattrath.
The good old days of heroic raid attunements... Actually.... Nothing was good about those days. Want to farm AQ40 for trash epics? BETTER BE REVERED WITH ARGENT DAWN!

If you're getting lost in caverns of time... God help you. Any pre-wrath raid would have driven you insane. I get lost in those little caves throughout the world. What's sad is they only have like 3 cave maps that they reuse all the time. I recognize this, but I am really terrible with navigation. It took me months to figure out the Shrine of Seven Stars. Seriously, my friend flew me there before I was 90 so I could set it as my home and use the portals. Every time, I would run around looking for the portals for like 5 minutes. I sometimes still get lost in the basic "keep" floor layout. And most dungeons are lost on me. If I lose the group, I'm screwed.

Somehow though, I had a job as a delivery driver for several years and can navigate the layout of my city rather well, despite the streets here being rather tangled. I don't know what it is about 3D games that messes me up (wow is the first 3D game I ever played, and I started in Cata.)

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