Friday, March 1

Anyone else remember how badass the faction leaders were in Vanilla WoW?

It took multiple raids (this is back in 40 person raid days) to even try and take one of the faction cities on. I remember sneaking in with a warlock dropping a summoning stone in mulgor just to get enough people out there to launch an attack!

I don't remember anything being shown as level 500, just question marks, skulls, and I seem to remember once or twice 63...

But they did destroy everything...I remember barely being able to down Tyrande with ~60 people before the 10 alliance (Darnassus was only slightly less dead bck then than it is now) got their friends from stormwind to track all the way out...and they did come, eventually.

I also remember sneaking into an opposite faction capital as a rogue, then talking in the general chat to see if any other one was sneaking around at the same time.

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