Friday, March 1

Will Blizzard ever fix this Pot?

This pot can be found behind the questgiver for the Elder Charms of Good Fortune at Shrine of Seven Stars (Alliance hub in Vale of Eternal Blossom). Allan please fix pot:

Well, there's a period of several months before it's eligible to be a proper employee, and until then it will just have to continue wearing the paint so everyone knows its situation. That's just how it works when you get your pots from an agency. And when the decision is made not to keep the pot - and it's not hired on because its attitude of being "just a temp worker, so what does it matter" bites it in the ass - it will complain to management that it didn't get a job, and it didn't want to work for you bastards, anyway. And besides, ESO made it a better offer anyway. That'll show everyone.

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